Hawkmoon is perhaps the only realm in the Sky that could pose a serious threat to Skytopia. While technologically inferior, the people of Hawkmoon have tamed the giant hawks of their homeland, and their riders are swift and fierce, capable of outmaneuvering even the fastest skyship.

Hawkmoon does not have the superior reach of the skyships, however, for which reason they could never launch a serious invasion. Rather, their conflicts with Skytopia have revolved mostly around skirmishes, trade wars, and raids. While they possess a few, mostly stolen, aerial vessels, they are inexpert pilots.

Hawkmoon’s islands are pale white, and from underneath look almost like second moons, hence the country’s name. Their homelands are rocky and full of cliffs, and sparse in magical metals but relatively rich in food, supplemented by farms on verdant mountain-slopes near the streams that carry the islands. Its people are proud and warlike, and it is said some can ride a hawk before they can even walk.

Hawkmoon’s culture is fairly sophisticated, but they’re still derided as barbarians by the Skytopians. Nevertheless, they know proper worship of God, although their angels are strange and foreign. Skytopians collectively refer to the entire people as “the Hawkriders”, even though, on Hawkmoon, it is an honorary title reserved for the few. They call themselves the Hakchandi.


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