Tales of Skytopia

Seeking Adventurers (but not quite yet)
The heroes of Skytopia

Disclaimer: Skytopia is still a work in progress. The following is meant for later.

Your Place in Skytopia

What good is a cause, without heroes to fight for it? What good is a sky-ship, without a captain at its helm and a crew on its deck? What good is a magic sword, without a strong arm to wield it?

What follows is a list of Tales of Skytopia, and some speculations on whom their heroes might be.

You Can’t Take The Sky From Me

Heirs to the Skytopian throne would claim ownership of the sky itself. Well, you, you’re one of them types what knows that’s a load of bullshit. Nobody owns the sky; it belongs to any sailor brave enough to fly it, and in these times, being a sky-captain sure takes guts. Fortunately for common folk, not every sky-ship out there is part of some navy bent on conquest; at least it ain’t yet, and you’ll make damn sure yours keeps flying free. You and your crew, you’re smugglers, free traders, heroes of the high skies – and ain’t nobody can take the sky from you.

Character Suggestions:

The Captain, a rugged, simple man, sailor of the high skies with a fast and sleek ship.

The Courtier, a former elegant lady and performer in the Emperor’s service, until he died.

The Monk, a monastic scholar exiled from his order for “heretic” opinions about the succession.

The Thief, a tough and cunning scoundrel who grew up on the streets of Drachma.

In Her (or His) Majesty’s Secret Service

The throne is contested, and no less than five usurpers would lay claim to it. Fortunately, you and your friends, well, you know who’s the rightful heir – and you have the honor of serving her directly as covert agents! With your fast, sleek sky-ship, you’ll go where you need to go, and do what needs to be done, to make sure the throne falls to the one who truly deserves it. If you’re caught, she will deny any knowledge of your existence – so you’d better make damn sure you don’t get caught, because the usurpers won’t be kind to you.

Character Suggestions:

The Soldier, a loyal and skilled fighter who lost his child to the ravages of war.

The Charmer, a socialite born to a high-class family on Nim, possessing a silver tongue.

The Genius, a magitech tinkerer with an arsenal of strange tools and a nose for trouble.

The Barbarian, a primitive Earth-dweller accepted into Skytopian service for her unusual talents.

Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Skytopia! The promised land in the skies, a place where you can find a future for yourself, where you can practice your magic, learn engineering and science, and be closer to God! You’ve resolved to leave your native Earth behind, and travel to the land of magic – there to find a future for yourselves. But it’ll be a rough pilgrimage, across the unforgiving lands of the Earth, past the dangerous black of the Shadow, and to the foot of the great stairs that lead up to Heavens’ Gate. And once you’re there, you just might find Skytopia isn’t quite the promised land it’s cut out to be…

Character Suggestions:

The Knight, a proud upholder of a civilization that was lost when the wizards left the Earth.

The Priest, a hedge wizard and shaman who claims to have been visited by Angels.

The Scout, a talented woodsman who’s lived in the unforgiving forests, denying his heritage.

The Savant, a brilliant kid with a knack for learning, having studied ancient scrolls of magic.


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