The World of Skytopia

It is agreed by wizards and theologians throughout all the world, that magic must originate from God. It is easy to see why it must be so: All magic comes from Heaven, falling down like rain or snow upon the world, and all things magical seek their way upwards, as opposed to things mundane that fall toward the ground. Because of this, the wise men say that magic originates from God; for surely it is so, that God is in Heaven.

Because of this, in the distant past, the sorcerers and priests and wizards sought to come closer to God. They climbed to the highest mountaintops and mined the wondrous metals within: Soar-steel, levitanium, angel-gold, and many others. With these, they crafted themselves skyships and flew even higher, to settle the floating islands that hover above even the tallest mountain-top.

It was thus that Skytopia was born; a land of magic, ruled by wise sorcerer-kings, flying high above the world of ordinary men and women. Of course, the wizards would need servants, friends, and consorts, and so the population grew, until eventually it became a kingdom in its own rights. In time, a Wizard King was appointed, a Heavenly Emperor who was to rule the five islands of Skytopia with a wise and stern hand – and so it remained, for many years.

Alas, peace does not last forever. The last Wizard King, Aurelius, was an unwise Emperor in many ways, but his most unwise decision was this: He sired six children, yet never prepared a last will and testament. Perhaps, if he had lived out a long, full life, he would have appointed a successor – but as it were, Aurelius died in a lightning-storm, and Skytopia found itself without a King – but with six very eager candidates.

Now, the Empire is torn apart. Aurelius’ three sons and three daughters wage a bitter war against each other, using the mighty powers of the Wizard King bloodline to tame the inherent magic of Skytopia and turn it upon conquest. Soar-steel, levitanium and angel-gold is forged into mighty warships and deadly weapons, and it is only a matter of time before the war is total.

The status quo is gone. Chaos reigns in Skytopia – and only those with wits, guts, and grit will prevail.

Tales of Skytopia

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