Wickermere Swamp

Wickermere Swamp lies partially in the Shadow of Anthos, and as a result, rarely gets brighter than a murky twilight. In addition, the swamp is often shrouded in fog, making it perilous and difficult to navigate, and it’s home to all kinds of dangerous swamp-creatures.

Despite all this, people do live in Wickermere Swamp. The place is isolated and difficult to access, and so the locals are safe from ravaging warlords and foreign monsters. Wickermere is not a pleasant place by any means, but the people reason that it’s better to deal with the devil you know.

The people of Wickermere are primitive even by Earth standards. They are rarely dressed in more than leaves and war paint, and row humble grass canoes up and down the many still lakes and sluggish rivers that run through the marshes. Their weapons are crude spears and simple clubs, but they are surprisingly sophisticated in terms of magic. Wickermere shamans and wise women know numerous strange rituals to tame beasts, control water, or perform other impressive and useful feats to help their people survive the harsh landscape of the swamp.

The people of Wickermere divide themselves into two clans: The Bird Clan and the Fish Clan. The two clans live in peace with each other and often intermarry – the chief difference between them is their habitat. Bird Clan villages are built high in the trees, while Fish Clan villages float on the lakes.

Wickermere Swamp

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