The Imperial Mountain

The Imperial Mountain is the seat of the Imperial Palace, from whence the Wizard-King ruled before his death. In order that no island should receive special favor from the Emperor, his Palace was located on neutral ground on the tallest mountain-top.

Today, the Imperial Mountain is almost abandoned. None of the six prospective heirs dare lay claim to it, for fear that the other five would turn upon anyone who tried. The old Emperor’s staff and servants still live in the palace, alongside a few courtiers who diligently carry out their duties, trying to maintain a semblance of order in Skytopia – although no sky-ships are available to deliver their finished paperwork.

Besides the palace, the Imperial Mountain is almost devoid of features. The peak is inaccessible to climbers, and besides the large, lush magical garden that surrounds the palace, few things grow here. Fortunately for the inhabitants, even though it is currently mostly cut off from Skytopia, there is enough food in storage to last for years.

Adventure Hooks

The Emperor’s heirs looted the Palace for what they could use before it was abandoned, but they left the archives mostly intact. Almost any kind of official paperwork, magitech blueprint or historical recording could be obtained here, by anyone brave enough to sneak in. In the Emperor’s lifetime, breaking into the archive was virtually impossible – now, that the Palace is almost abandoned, it is merely very difficult and dangerous.

Many wise courtiers and scholars were stranded on the Imperial Mountain after the Emperors’ death. Most of them are there willingly, but some want nothing more than to be reunited with their families – what might they offer in exchange for such a favor?

One of Nautanos’s sky-ships crashes into the side of the Imperial Mountain during a storm, and its inhabitants become stranded on a barren rock far from the Palace. They need help, and fast – but Nautanos can’t send his own fleet to save them, as that could be interpreted as an act of war by his siblings. Perhaps some daring adventurers could do the job?

The Imperial Mountain

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