Thanadu is one of the Earth-dwellers’ only attempts at a unified kingdom. Most Earth-dwellers live in isolated towns or ruined cities, remnants from an age when sorcerers dwelt upon the Earth and built great wonders there instead of in the sky; but Thanadu has attempted to build an infrastructure of its own.

It is ruled by the charismatic King Kull, a warrior born deep in the darkest forests of Earth with unusual magical talents. The Skytopians never discovered him until he was already King in his own right, having united three large tribes under his banner and conquered the ruined city of Thanaria, proclaiming it the capitol of his kingdom. By now, it’s certainly too late to press-gang him into any Skytopian army.

Thanadu is a mixed blessing for those caught in it. On the one hand, King Kull unabashedly favors his own tribe – the Red Scars – and those of any other tribe or town are effectively second-class citizens, forced to serve the Red Scars’ every whim. On the other hand, the Red Scars are proficient warriors and while they possess no magic, they have enough skill with bow and blade to hold the monsters of the Earth at bay.

Skytopians are very unsure of what King Kulls’ actual powers might be. Word of him has only reached them through Earth-dweller legend, and they attribute him powers ranging from calling lightning from the sky to summoning beasts from the wild or transforming into an enormous monster himself. All of these can’t possibly be true, can they?


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