Tenebria is the third child of Aurelius. Somewhat of a wild child, she spent most of her youth on Anthos, exploring the jungle, and rumor has it she even ran off to explore the Earth on a few occasions. It took her a long time to grow up, and many of her siblings don’t treat her very seriously – which is a mistake, because for all her antics, Tenebria is extremely cunning.

Tenebria loves Anthos and the people there, and she’s going for the throne mostly to protect her home island and make sure it isn’t mistreated – for she knows most of her siblings view it as little more than an extension of the Earth, barely part of Skytopia at all.

She knows that she lacks the resources to drum up an army that would stand a chance against her siblings – but she is nevertheless a wild card in the conflict, because she’s well versed in guerilla tactics, and knows many of the strange secrets that Anthos keeps even from the rest of Skytopia.

Tenebria is raven-haired, and the shortest of her siblings at only average height for a woman. She has piercing black eyes, and often jokes and laughs. Nowadays, away from the court at last, she always wears the traditional green garb of an Anthos native. Her banner is green and black.


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