Religion in Skytopia

The people of Skytopia believe in God, which created the world. Most people do not dwell much further upon the nature of God; they merely accept that God exists, and that God is the source of all magic. Scholars and theologians have many theories – some say God is a powerful being, others say God is a force that flows through all things, still others say God is a machine. Nobody knows, and nobody claims to know – but it is a question that occupies many philosophers.

God, then, is distant and unknown, a mystery even to the wisest men. His Angels, however, are a little less so. The Angels sometimes appear in visions or – some say – may even descend from Heaven in the flesh, and legends say it was they who guided the first wizards to Skytopia’s five islands. When people in Skytopia or on Earth pray, they usually address their prayers to one of the Angels, or the host of Angels in general.

The host of Angels is quite vast, but five of them are known by all men and women in Skytopia:

Gabriel – the Messenger Angel, the guardian of poets, politicians and travelers.
Michael – the Angel of War, the guardian of soldiers, warriors and athletes.
Uriel – the Angel of Fire, the guardian of craftsmen, miners, and scholars.
Raphael – the Angel of Healing, the guardian of doctors, priests, and teachers.
Azrael – the Angel of Death, who takes the souls of the dead to Heaven or casts them beneath the Earth if they are judged unworthy.

While Skytopians believe in a single, divine force, they are polytheistic in practice, and worship different Angels for different purposes. This can lead to some very large differences in religious practice, particularly coupled with differing views on the exact nature of God.

Religion in Skytopia

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