People of the Earth

The cultures of the Earth are amazingly diverse. Some Earth-dwellers live in the ruins of the sorcerers’ old palaces, others eke out a living in the wilderness – still others farm or build cities. Life on the surface may be brutal, but it’s possible to get by despite the monsters and the lack of magic, and cultures have adapted accordingly to their circumstances.

Some of the larger Earthbound peoples include the following:


Citizens of Angels’ Reach, the Reachmen and Reachwomen are a grubby and diverse sort. Many, many immigrants flock to Angel’s Reach in a hope to gain the scraps from Skytopia, and have intermingled over the centuries, making the city one of the true melting pots of the world. A typical native Reachman is ethnically difficult to place, and typically very opportunistic, used to the dangers and the corruption of the city. They tend to be cynics, though many firmly believe in their democracy, and they tend to distrust kings and other authorities, even religious ones – this despite how the monks and priests of Heaven’s Gate are a necessity for the city’s survival.


Those from the empire of Thanadu tend to be hardy, boisterous, and somewhat militaristic. People from the dominant tribe, the Red Scars, are often proud warriors and love to party, while those of the other tribes are somewhat more muted, living under the boot of the Scars. Still, it cannot be denied that Thanaduns are a force to be reckoned with – they are raised to fight monsters from a young age, and taught to love life and celebrate it, for it may end any day. Thanaduns are typically tall, black-haired, and well built.


People from Wickermere are primitive, even by earth standards. They are animists, believing in spirits, and are surprisingly adept at magic despite their low standards of living. A hunter-gatherer people, they use simple spears and clubs and walk around naked or nearly so. Wickermere people are often thin, lithe, and pale, from a life in the dark swamps. They typically wear body paint and loincloths made of animals or leaves.

People of the Earth

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