People of Skytopia

The main divide between people in Skytopia is that between Skytopians and Earth-dwellers. Skytopians are those who live on the islands, or one one of the three mountain-peaks; Earth-dwellers are those who dwell on Earth. The few people who live on the slopes of Heaven’s Gate are the only people who don’t fall neatly into either category; they’re usually referred to as Halfways by the Skytopians.

Skytopians belong to a mostly homogenous culture, united under the Wizard-King’s throne – but over the centuries, most people have kept to their own island – consequently, each prefecturate of Skytopia has a local culture and even local genetic variants, as the islands’ inherent magic comes to shape the bloodlines of those who live there. Hair color in particular seems to react to magic – someone with strong innate magic often has colorful, vibrant hair, tinted to hint at his talents.


Hiyokunan people are the ones least different from Earth-dwellers, at least, in terms of physical appearance. Many of them are farmers, and they’re a rustic sort of folk with simple joys and simple sorrows. Skytopians tend to stereotype them as ignorant hicks, despite the many places of learning that dot their little island. Hioykunas are very religious, and most of them say daily prayers to Raphael and Gabriel. They tend to be practical and down-to-earth, and very reliable and cool under pressure. Hioykunans typically have blond or brown hair.

Drachman people are often called hot-tempered by other Skytopians. It’s said that they are quick to anger but also quick to forgive, and that they are mirthful and industrious, but often drunkards and criminals. Unlike their fellow Skytopians, the Drachman people grow up in a very dense urban environment which means they can come off as callous, being used to ignoring beggars and giving thieves a good beating. Drachman people usually worship Uriel, though Michael has caught on recently, what with Bruticus drumming up a large army. Drachman people stand tall, and often have red, orange, or bright yellow hair.

Agonians live on Agonos, and love their strange rock. They are very patriotic and have a strong sense of community, to the point of sometimes coming off as xenophobic. The typical Agonian is hardy, strong, and silent. They adhere to local laws that are somewhat more rigid than on many other islands, and are probably the most highly religious people in Skytopia, praying to all the archangels including Azrael. It’s said that it is hard to earn an Agonians trust and even harder to win his friendship, but they make very loyal companions. Agonians typically have very sharp, angular features, and often have steel-grey or black hair.

Anthosians are perhaps the ones most visibly influenced by their islands’ magic. They are shorter than other Skytopians, and their skin is slightly darker. They live much closer to nature than most Skytopians; indeed, truly untamed wilderness is only found on this floating island. Anthosians tend towards smaller communities, and family is very important to them – they are known to call their friends “sister” or “cousin”. Curiously, they are quite irreligious despite the dangers of their home island. The only Archangel they revere to an unusual degree is Azrael, having quite spectacular burial ceremonies when someone dies. The people of Anthos tend to be short, sporting beautiful suntans and brown or black hair, sometimes with a streak of green.

Nim refer to themselves only as Nim, although others sometimes call them “Nimeans” or “Nimites”. They are a cultured and civilized people, descending from wealthy sorcerers, artists and performers, and as such often speak eloquently and can seem a little condescending. They are stereotyped as being quite vain, and it’s certainly so that they are beautiful – most people of Nim have fair features and flawless skin. The Nim are not very religious, and usually philosophize about the nature of God rather than pray to the Angels. They are tall, usually with fine limbs and long hair in shades of white or blond, with an occasional bluish tint.

People of Skytopia

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