Nim hovers proudly above the ocean of the Earth, as far away from Earth-dwellers as one can come. The island is a spectacular sight: It overflows with rivers, and huge waterfalls throw themselves in cascades over its sharp edges, scattering into everlasting rain. The island is sometimes called “The Weeping Island”, and it’s said the founding sorcerers wept tears of joy when they saw the magnificent island and the upside-down rainbow that accompanies it.

Nim is a rather large island, but much of its surface is water, so it has a small population. It’s home to many academies and places of learning, and it’s also the cultural center of Skytopia with numerous famous artists and poets. Its population is often a little bit snobbish, as it was originally settled by the richest and most influential sorcerers, and the locals therefore claim a noble heritage (even if most of them, in practice, aren’t descendants of the sorcerers but rather their servants).

The capitol and largest city of Nim is the eponymous city of Nim, often called High Nim by the locals.

Nim is controlled by Nautanos, who has brought his entire personal fleet to surround the island, so these days it looks a lot more intimidating than it used to. Nautanos loves the island, and has publicly suggested the capital be moved there. The natives agree heartily; nobody else does.


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