Nautanos is the firstborn child of Wizard-King Aurelius, and he claims a certain degree of legitimacy because of it. He is a very intelligent man, but perhaps passionate to a fault – he spent most of his youth studying art and sports, and devoted only a minimum amount of time towards politics and bureaucracy. Enviably, though, he is a bright man and fast learner, and has proven a reasonably capable ruler of Nim.

Nautanos always assumed that his father would grant him the throne, and perhaps he was right – he did have a particularly close relationship with King Aurelius. When the old man died without warning, the fact that Nautanos would not inherit the throne came as a complete shock to him.

Nautanos is currently building a sky-fleet on his home island. He already had a considerable amount of sky-ships that he kept out of pure personal interest, so much of his fleet is simply being assembled by equipping his old ships for war.

Nautanos stands tall and handsome man with long white hair and a goatee. Usually he dresses in captain’s regalia, showing his love for sailing the skies. His banner is a golden sash on blue background.


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