Names in Skytopia

Most Skytopian first names have a Greek or Latin style. Male names almost always end in “-s”, while female names almost always end in “-a”.

When a Skytopian citizen reaches the age of seventeen, he or she chooses a last name for herself. Until that time, they bear the last name of their mother. Most people choose a descriptive or meaningful last name, others just go with something they think sounds cool. Some people choose the first name of a relative for their last name, to mark the transition into adulthood while still honoring the bonds of family. This can lead to some confusing full names, such as when siblings decide to honor each other and thus end up with the same names, only in different orders.

A few names don’t follow this system at all. Such names are often telltale signs of exotic ancestry – wizards came from near and far to settle the five floating islands, and a few Skytopians bear names that originate in faraway lands.

Earth-dwellers typically have short, simple names of one or two syllables. Many are named after animals or features of nature, such as “Bear”, “Rock” or “River”; others have meaningless names inherited from long-dead civilizations. Earth-dwellers are, overall, a very eclectic lot, so unusual or unexpected names crop up very often among them as well.

Names in Skytopia

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