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Skytopia consists of five islands, and three mountains.

The Three Mountains:
The Imperial Mountain
Heaven’s Gate
The Black Sword

The Five Islands:
Hiyokuna – An enormous, pastoral island.
Drachma – A bustling metropolis.
Agonos – A hovering rock full of tunnels and caves.
Anthos – A mysterious jungle-island.
Nim – A beautiful island, abundant with water.

The Earth is mostly an untamed and savage place, but there are some locations worthy of note even there:

Angels’ Reach
The Shadow
Wickermere Swamp
The Iron Plains

The Six Heirs

Nautanos, the Skyship Captain.
Barbara, the Warrior-Monk.
Tenebria, the Schemer.
Bruticus, the Centurion.
Vitrius, the Scholar.
Furia, the Demagogue.


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