High Nim

High Nim is a beautiful and spectacular city, shining in white marble where it sits atop one of Nim’s greatest rivers. It is a port city, and from its highest balconies and walkways one can see the river disappear in cascades, down into the blue ocean thousands of feet below. High Nim was founded by some of the greatest sorcerers of Skytopia, and magic imbues even the very walls of its tall marble towers.

High Nim sits atop a river, and as such the city is lined with bridges and walkways. Some go directly above the water, so close that one can lean down and touch it through the railings; others are dozens or even hundreds of feet above it, running between tall marble towers. The city is large enough that parts of it are on solid ground, but the ruling class lives near the center, in buildings so thoroughly laced with magical metal that they are practically floating themselves.

High Nim is where Nautanos makes his home, in a white marble mansion with two towers. He has assembled most of his large personal fleet, and is re-fitting it for war – but characteristically of the beautiful city, one sees far more sorcerers and magitech-engineers than soldiers and sailors. Nautanos has recruited the help of High Nim’s famous university, the Nimbus Academy, and the university is teeming with life and activity. It is a great opportunity for any young engineer to prove her worth, and consequently High Nim is undergoing a scientific golden age. The fact that this golden age revolves around creating warships and weapons is something most of High Nim’s citizens do their best to politely ignore.

People of Note

Ventus Cloudthought is the principal of the Nimbus Academy, and one of the most gifted wizards in all of Skytopia. It is said that he is so suffused with magic that he weighs little more than a feather, and his white hair and beard often floats around him – seemingly unaffected by gravity. Unfortunately, Ventus is growing old, and rather senile. When he eventually dies, it’s possible the Nimbus Academy will a small succession war of its own, as ambitious academics struggle for the esteemed position of headmaster.

Ella Augustus is a famous singer, dancer, actress, and overall performer. She is considered one of the best entertainers in Skytopia and often performed before the Emperor himself – indeed, she had a permanent room prepared for her in the Imperial Palace. After the Emperor’s death, Nautanos more or less kidnapped her to Nim. She lives in luxury on the island, but she’s not allowed to leave – which causes her some distress, as her family lives on Hiyokuna.

High Nim

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