Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Gate is the lowest, and most pleasant of the three mountains that are part of Skytopia. Its name has a twofold meaning – firstly, it forms the only link between Skytopia and Earth, as the peak of Heaven’s Gate can be reached by means of a meandering staircase leading all the way down to the foot of the mountain. Second, it is the religious center of Skytopia, and home to the biggest church in the nation: The Cathedral Terra, devoted to God and the entire host of Angels.

Besides this central cathedral, countless monasteries, churches and shrines dot the landscape of the green mountain, which is surprisingly verdant and covered in trees, shrubs, and small farms to supply the monks, priests, and philosophers who live here. Many Skytopians sometimes forget that Heaven’s Gate is a mountain at all, for it is nearly as rich in magic as the flying islands.

Heaven’s Gate also houses a famous university, the Rising Smoke Academy, which specializes not in magitech and engineering, but in philosophy and theology. Many scoff at its teachings as worthless, but it nevertheless holds a vast amount of mystic secrets within its walls.

Heaven’s Gate is nominally claimed by Tenebria as her sky-island is the closest, but she wields no actual power here and she’s well aware of it. So far, the religious authorities of Skytopia have managed to stay neutral in the conflict for the throne, but that may well change in time.

Adventure Hooks

Rumor has it that an order of silent monks are secretly hiding a blessed child in their midst. Some say he is the son of an angel; others claim he is the illegitimate seventh son of the Emperor, and still others say he is chosen by God to perform some great task. If any of these rumors are true, the child’s existence could drastically impact the course of the war – if anyone finds him, at least.

A scholar at the Rising Smoke Academy publishes an inflammatory tract, accusing the six heirs of heresy. He claims that a new Wizard-King should be chosen from the people, someone appropriately pious and compassionate. Whatever his end goal, his message certainly stirs up a lot of trouble.

An ancient religious artifact has gone missing from the Cathedral Terra. Who has stolen it, and why?

Heaven's Gate

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