Drachma is the most densely populated island in all of Skytopia; almost the entire landmass is urbanized. It’s a frightening and impressive place, with tall-rising walls, huge factories and forges, and as of recently, a large amount of marching and exercising soldiers.

Drachma is heavily industrialized, and produces a lot of magitech for all of Skytopia. It is also very reliant on magic and magitech – they need skyship imports to even feed their population, and their own production of food would be veritably nonexistent if not for the magical bounty trees that line the streets and grow in many private homes, which provide nutritious – if bitter-tasting – fruit to the citizens.

The city is labyrinthine and confusing, and it doesn’t help that it’s also three-dimensional; part of the city is dug into the core of the island itself, and there are also walkways up above connecting various towers and buildings with one another. With all this confusion , it’s easy to disappear in Drachma – whether purposefully or not.

Drachma is ruled by Bruticus, with an iron fist. He’s drumming up a personal army with the finest magical equipment, and he would be a clear winner in an open war – at least, if he had better control of his own population. Bruticus is in a precarious situation; he has by far the strongest army, but he dare not employ it against his enemies, because his own population might rebel in its absence. Dissent is growing in Drachma, and its criminal element is starting to take on aspects of being folk heroes rather than simple thieves and thugs.

Drachma is divided into four districts: Oldtown, Midtown, Portside and Greenside. Oldtown and Midtown occupy the middle of the island. Portside is where ships dock, while Greenside contains the last small parts of the island that are not totally urbanized.


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