Barbara is the second child of Aurelius, and in contrast to her easygoing older brother, she is a stern, stoic woman. She soon showed interest in religion and studied at the Rising Smoke Academy, where she was also introduced to martial arts and the study of internal magic, which she had an incredible knack for. In personal combat, she is doubtless the most powerful of the King’s heirs.

Barbara never showed interest in the throne before her fathers’ death. She hasn’t spoken of why she suddenly has ambitions to ascend to the throne, but most believe she simply didn’t believe she had a chance before the King died.

She currently resides on Agonos, where she’s training a small elite force of soldiers. Some say that, besides this, she has strong ties to many influential priests and philosophers from her days at the Academy – if this is true, she might truly be a force to reckon with.

Barbara is tall, muscular and heavyset. She has brown hair, always kept short, and she usually dresses simply and practically in brown garb – in fact, it’s hard to tell from her appearance that she’s of royal blood at all. She rarely smiles. Her banner is a black cross on a white background.


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