Anthos is a strange-looking island. For whatever reason – scholars aren’t actually certain why – the islands’ inherent magic has made it teeming with life. Most of the island is actually one giant jungle.

It might be because Anthos has a connection to the Earth; it is the lowest flying among the islands, and it is actually possible to travel between Anthos and the Earth without a sky-ship, although it’s incredibly dangerous: Anthos is literally overflowing with vegetation, and huge creepers and thick vines hang down from its sides. Some of these are so long that they touch the tree-tops of the Earth, and foolhardy Earth-dwellers have tried to climb all the way from Earth up to the island; a few have even succeeded. Less pleasantly, sometimes monsters from the Earth make their way up the vines and hide in Anthos’ jungles – when this happens, the locals usually award hefty prizes to those who kill the beast.

The surface of Anthos is home to practical, down-to-earth people. While they possess just as much magic as other Skytopians, they tend to avoid magitech and rely on their own natural magics, with strange talents often manifesting among natives to the island. The people here are considered a little primitive by other Skytopians as a result. There are no real cities as such on Anthos, but there are numerous towns – the larger ones being the sky-ports along the rim, but there are plenty who are hidden away deep within the jungles as well.

Anthos is ruled by Tenebria, who practically grew up on the island and views it as her home. She has little military strength because of the island’s lack of magitech, but she makes up for it in cunning. The people of Anthos are renowned for their strange and unusual magical talents, after all, and Tenebria has far more aces up her sleeve than she lets on.


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