Agonos is the least pleasant of Skytopia’s islands. Outsiders often scoff at it for being little better than the Earth, given how it mostly resembles a rocky beach with no sea. Perhaps because of this, though, the people of Agonos have a strong sense of local patriotism. They’re a hardy sort of folk, at least compared to other Skytopians, and while Agonos might not look very pretty it’s still highly habitable.

Most of Agonos is dry brown rock, but the island has small lakes that are kept clean by the islands’ inherent magic; here, natives farm a seaweed-like crop called rockwort and fish for crabs – which sometimes grow as large as small dogs in some of the bigger lakes.

While the surface of Agonos might look quite plain and boring, the interior is another matter entirely. Agonos was the first island settled by the ancient sorcerers, because it has the richest interior in terms of magical ore. While the Skylanders are wary not to mine it too much – lest the island lose its buoyancy and crash to the Earth – they have dug many tunnels over the year, and Agonos is now crisscrossed with holes, caves and tunnels, resembling nothing so much as a great flying cheese.

Agonos is held by Barbara, who uses the islands’ natural magic to great effect. Unlike her siblings, she is not drafting villagers into an army; instead, she’s training a small amount of elite troops. She has a high approval rating, mostly due to the Agonos locals being a proud sort.

Agonos has two major cities, Stonehaven on the surface and Silver Hearth deep inside.


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