The Treasure of Bastion's Temple


The Breach, once an Earthdweller city known as Bastion, is home to many fabled treasures. Some, it has reclaimed. Semley’s Necklace, which once belonged to the Earth-born Empress Semley, had been lost in the ruins but recently rediscovered by the Earthdwelling Stone Hands Tribe, who have returned it to the ancient temple of their ancestors. Now, both Drachma and Anthos seem to lay claim to the fabled artifact, which gives “power over the Earth” to anyone of a sufficiently powerful sorcerous lineage.

Dramatis Personae:

Unknown. Anthosian explorers are moving on the location, and the Stone Hands Tribe is also present.


The Breach, specifically, the great temple at its center, where the Earthdwellers are said to have placed the precious jewel. This, the very heart of the Breach, is still relatively intact – a small chunk of a city, floating in circles at the eye of the rocky storm.

Outcome so far:

After entering the Breach, the Ravenwing was boarded both by pirates and Stone Hand raiders. In the ensuing melee, the ship crashed into a floating bathhouse, and sustained severe damage – enough that cursory repairs will be needed before she can fly again.

The Treasure of Bastion's Temple

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