The Port at Drachma

Servilius Publius, scribe and politician who works closely with the Princess, but told on her activities to the King. Currently under investigation for treason, due to Vesperius Nocto – who pinned the role as Bestia’s handler on him. Bald and beardless, he wears the robes of a scholar.

Vesperius Nocto, Bestia’s former “handler”, port authority worker and spymaster whose activities are, so far, undiscovered and unsuspected by anyone but Bestia. Works closely with the Princess. Blue-haired, with a chinstrap beard and heterochromia: One blue eye, and one grey. Vesperius works as official scribe for the Princesses cause, so many secret documents pass through his hands.

Gallius and Hispanius, two soldiers who protect the Princess. Big, rather stupid lugs. Both seem to be firmly in Vesperius’ pocket.

Angel’s Embrace, an opium den in the Black Quarter.

The Port at Drachma

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